Divine Power Deathmatch Season 7 Stage Difficulty Explanation

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Dear Immortals,

Below are the known issues with version 2.2 update:

  • After pulling an accessory set from the Seductive Contract (Sexy Cop Cartilla) summon pool, continuing to draw without having sufficient Seductive Contract may cause the game to freeze, requiring a restart. (To avoid this issue, please purchase enough Seductive Contracts in the ""Accessory Shop"" before drawing.)
  • In the Divine Power Deathmatch mode, selecting the Simulator and entering the Party page, then long-pressing to switch Personas to the Persona interface and returning to the Simulator Party page, will result in the battle being changed to a regular battle instead of a simulated battle.
  • Battle records in the Colosseum, the displayed player names for defensive side's battle data are reversed incorrectly.
  • Nutaku Platform: In case of failed automatic in-game updates, please visit the official website to download the latest APK file and overwrite the existing installation.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Rise of Eros Team


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