“Rise of Eros x TenkafuMA” Fan Art Event!

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“Rise of Eros x TenkafuMA” Fan Art Event!

[Event Details]

Create fan art based on the Rise of Eros x TenkafuMA collab event!
Come and join this otherworldly costume show!

[Event Duration]

Today ~ 11/15/2023 23:59 (UTC+8)
Voting and selection: 11/16 ~ 11/20
The rewards for the voting and selection are expected to be distributed before 11/24 23:59 (UTC+8)
Participation rewards are all distributed after submissions close on 11/15

[Event Rewards]

Grand Prize: Bond Contract x50 (1 winner)
Second Prize: Bond Contract x10 (5 winners)
Third Prize: Bond Contract x5 (10 winners)
Participation Prize (for passing the review): Exclusive collab accessory

Special Prize: Make the Team Wet Prize (3 winners)
Ba'al Prize - [Archdemon Ba'al Alana] x1
Satan Prize - [Archdemon Satan Miriam] x1
Maiden Prize - [Harvest Maiden Rouffe] x1
The Special Prize is selected by the team, the other prizes are selected through a vote.

🔗 Link for submitting works: https://www.surveycake.com/s/PLgzM

[Participation Method]

  • Every Immortal can post thematic fan art during the submission period. Only fan art in the form of graphical works like images and picture qualifies. The fan art must contain any character from "TenkafuMA or Rise of Eros" (characters that have appeared in the game and official artwork) wearing a outfit from the other game or having other obvious elements (including congratulatory messages). The image must contain the text "Rhapsody from beyond Go!" to qualify for participation!

  • Examples of qualifying works:

    1. Miriam wearing Satan's outfit, and a "congratulatory message" has been added (O)
    2. Satan fan art, and the image contains a "congratulatory message" (O)
    3. Ba'al wearing Alana's outfit, and a "congratulatory message" has been added (O)
    4. Other characters that are not part of this collab (X)
  • During the submission period:

    1. Publicly upload fan art that meets the regulations to your personal social media account.
    2. Your post must contain the event hashtag #RiseofErosxTenkafuMA. Posts that do not contain the correct hashtag may not be able to participate properly.
    3. Before the end of the submission period, fill in the link from one of the designated platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pixiv, Plurk) along with the creator's information in the form designated by the team. After you submit the form you have successfully submitted your work.
      🔗 Link for submitting works: https://www.surveycake.com/s/PLgzM
    4. After the submission stage has ended, the voting stage will start. Please keep an eye out for updates on the fan page for the announcement time.

[Participation Notice]

  • Submitted works may be but are not limited to adult content. When submitting works, pay attention to the restrictions of the social network where you upload the works to avoid affecting your own rights!
  • Submitted works must be original work. Works containing elements stolen from others are not accepted. Works that have already been posted for other competitions may also not be used.
  • It is allowed to submit works generated by AI. If you have used AI or require permission, state the source and obtain permission. If plagiarism or copyright infringement is found, you will lose your eligibility to participate.
  • Participating works must meet the regulations regarding the theme of the event. If your theme is not related, you may lose your eligibility to participate.
  • Please keep an eye out for announcements on social media and the official website. Winners who do not fill in their address and confirm their account within the designated time after the winners are announced will be deemed to give up their reward.
  • The organizers have the right to use the participating works free of charge in competition showcases and other derivative promotion activities. Participants may not use their submitted works for other commercial purposes or activities during the competition period.

[Please Note]

  • Only people aged 18 and older may participate.

  • Rewards will not be compensated if you do not fill in the registration form or you enter your UID incorrectly.

  • There is no limit on the number of works you can submit for this event, but a single UID can only claim one prize. Repeated submissions will not increase the number of times rewards can be claimed, but it can increase your chance of winning.

  • You will lose your eligibility to claim rewards in any of the following circumstances:

    • Works unrelated to the theme.
    • Stealing, copying, or plagiarizing the works of others or participating by falsely claiming to be someone else.
    • Spreading rumors, discrediting the game, or trolling.
    • Including controversial content such as violence, politics, or racism.
    • If a work violates the rules of this event and is reported by players or verified to be true, the player will lose their eligibility to claim rewards and the player's right to participate in future community events will be restricted. If your submission leads to any disputes, you are required to personally bear all legal liabilities.
  • If you have any further questions concerning this event, please email askme@pinkcore.com.

  • The organizer reserves the right of final interpretation for this event. Please refer to the latest official announcements for any matters not covered by this event.


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