RoE Outlook for Second Half of 2023

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Dear Immortals:

The Rise of Eros development team is extremely grateful for all of your support, suggestions, and feedback on this journey together.
We have several brand new features planned for launch in the second half of 2023, so whether you're a seasoned Immortal deep into your adventures or a new deity taking your very first steps, there's a richer gaming experience in store for you.

Below is a list of the main updates you can expect throughout the rest of the year:

  1. Persona Boudoir Sets
    You will be able to change your goddesses' clothing and accessories in the Boudoir, freely dressing them to your liking. Beyond simple accessories like glasses, bracelets, and bunny ears, you'll be able to fulfill your fantasies with costumes including teacher outfits, maid uniforms, and more.
  2. Divine Power Special Battle
    An awesomely powerful Boss is about to attack! Dispatch three parties to meet the challenge and defeat this juggernaut!
    You'll only snatch victory from this special battle with ample preparation, unbroken determination, and all the might you can muster!
  3. Collaboration
    A new collaboration will bring all-new content and surprises to Rise of Eros soon. Keep a close eye on our official social media pages for more details!
  4. Colosseum Full Launch
    With the new Special Arena mode, you'll send your three strongest parties out to compete for victory in the best of three matches, climbing step by step to the summit of all Dienne.
    We'll be sending out daily ranking rewards, so hold onto your place on the leaderboards to reap the greatest bounty!
    We'll also continue to make adjustments to Personas' skills for balance, ensuring the game remains strategic and challenging.
  5. Story Review
    We've heard Immortals' requests and will be launching a review feature for past events' plotlines.
    You'll be able to relive the experience of previous events' stories and immerse yourself in their narrative worlds.
  6. Character Handbooks
    We'll be adding new information for the characters so that Immortals can get to know their goddesses even more intimately, including their body measurements, brithdays, turn-ons, and so on. Everything you've ever wanted to know will be appearing in these Character Handbooks!
    Increase your Intimacy levels to unlock hidden character stories and discover each goddess's background.
  7. Combat Experience Optimizations
    We're also making optimizations to the Boss battle experience. You'll encounter more varied Boss battle behaviors for a refreshed combat experience. Get ready for a new challenge!

In addition to the aforementioned items, we continue to treasure our Immortals' suggestions, and will be announcing regular surveys and questionnaires. Immortals are invited to provide their valued opinions and feedback. Whether its words of encouragement and praise or constructive criticisms and advice, it all drives us to create the best game that we possibly can.

We promise to continue optimizing the game's content, launching exciting new events and adventures for Immortals to enjoy with their goddesses. Our team is putting all its energy into ensuring each and every update brings you satisfaction and surprises.

As Rise of Eros continues to grow and evolve, we look forward to taking Immortals into the second half of the year with us and making wonderful new memories together. Thank you for your support, and for helping us make Rise of Eros be the best it can be!

Rise of Eros team


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