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Dear Immortals:

The Rise of Eros production team are incredibly grateful for all your support, enthusiasm, suggestions and feedback.
We have had much discussion about focussing on content that our Immortals care about, and continue to deliberate about how best to improve the game.
In addition to optimizing the content already available, we are also beginning to develop new features that we hope will provide our Immortals with an even better gaming experience.
Below are some of the main changes you can expect to see implemented in the first half of 2023, based on our Immortals' feedback:


  1. Planned improvements to Summon Pools:
  • Optimization of the Guaranteed Summon mechanism: After continuously drawing X times without pulling an SSR prize, an SSR Persona will be guaranteed. The probability of raising a Persona upgrade item will also be increased.
  • In addition, the number of draws necessary for Guaranteed Summons will be substantially reduced to ensure that all players enjoy a favorable gacha environment.
  1. Planned improvements to Personas and combat stats:
  • Enemies' SPD and A.SPD values will be rebalanced in order to resolve the issue of enemies always making moves faster than players' Personas.
  • Gear Set effect bonuses will be raised such that a complete set of Gear is more valuable.
  • The probabilities of chance-based Skill effects triggering will be increased, especially those of Personas' Basic Attacks.
  1. Planned improvements to the Boudoir:
  • The ability to customize accessories worn by Personas will be added.
  • More poses and explicit content will be added.
  1. Other optimizations currently in development:
  • A new SR Recovery Persona is in development, so as to lower the difficulty of acquiring a Recovery Persona.
  • A new way to acquire Relics for free will be added, and Relics will be strengthened so as to resolve the disproportionate cost of improving them.
  • Players will be able to choose Gear to be prioritized when using Auto Gear.
  • Ability to directly swap Gear between two Personas.
  • The total amount of Stamina available from Daily Quests will be increased.
  • Ability to see other players' Profile summaries.
  • Ability to swap Personas and Relics between Skybreak Tower parties.

[Coming Soon]

  1. New January Story Event
  • A new Story Event will launch in the second half of January. Please keep an eye out for more details in a future announcement.
  1. New Character Entrances
  • Rouffe and Phoenix are set to make their debuts during the first half of 2023.
  1. Events with All-New Gameplay
  • Various minigames with new gameplay are in the works, which we expect to reveal in mid-2023. We look forward to bringing you new Events with a brand-new look.

More details will be released in future announcements once these adjustments have been successfully implemented.

In addition to the above, the team will be conducting surveys and questionnaires, and we cordially invite our Immortals to provide their most valuable suggestions.
We are sincerely grateful for all your feedback: be it support and encouragement or constructive criticism, your thoughts and opinions are what drive us forward.
We will continue to optimize game content and organize fabulous Events so that our Immortals can enjoy ever more thrilling and wonderful adventures together with the goddesses.

Rise of Eros production team


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