11.11 Developer Announcement

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Dear Immortals:
The Rise of Eros team has updated the 1.1 version’s Boudoir system. Changes include consolidating each Persona’s Boudoir content, updating Intimacy bonuses to combat stats, and more.
Further details regarding Boudoir optimizations and related compensation are as follows:

In the original Boudoir system, a Persona’s Intimacy level only provided combat stat bonuses to that one Persona. After the update, however, all of a character’s Personas will enjoy said bonuses.
For example, if Cartilla’s Intimacy level is 12, then her Personas Dark Countess, Shadowswift, White Rose, and Crimson Marquise all get a +12% bonus to combat stats.

In terms of system design, we hope that by integrating Personas’ Intimacy levels, max limits to such bonuses will increase, as well as provide bonuses to each stat. These changes will allow an Immortals’ newly acquired Persona to immediately enjoy the same combat stat bonuses as the same character’s other Personas.
In future, as more Personas and Boudoir content are released, max Intimacy levels and their corresponding modifiers will also increase.

Meanwhile, the glitch concerning the Quest “Give a gift to any Persona in the Boudoir X times" not being removed post-update should be resolved after our update on Nov. 15.

As compensation for any inconvenience this update may have caused, we are offering our dear Immortals “Enchant Incense x1,000”.

  • Compensation Eligibility: Immortals who have created their accounts before 11/10 17:00 (UTC+8)
  • Distribution Period: 11/15 post update - 11/20 23:59 (UTC+8)

We deeply appreciate your understanding and support.

Heroes of Eros Operations Team


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