11/14 DivinePowerDeathmatch Season 4 Comingsoon

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a. [Divine Power Deathmatch Season 4] Now Available

2023/11/14 11:00 ~ 2023/11/21 10:59 (UTC +8)

Clear Story Stage 2-10

How to Play:

  • Use [Deathmatch Ticket] to enter the stage and challenge the Limited-Time Boss.
  • All difficulties are available at launch.
  • Before entering the results screen, redoing or abandoning the challenge will not consume any [Deathmatch Ticket].
  • Upon entering the arena, three parties must be formed. Each party must have at least one Persona.
  • Every day, 3 [Deathmatch Ticket] will be replenished. No tickets will be replenished if there are 6 or more tickets.
  • The Limited-Time Boss will use completely different skill sets based on the amount of remaining HP. Attacking will require careful observation and clever tactics.
  • If the HP of the Limited-Time Boss has not been reduced to 0 within 10 turns or the entire party is defeated, the second and third parties will enter the arena to take on the challenge until the Limited-Time Boss has been vanquished, the three parties are defeated, or the Limited-Time Boss makes more than 30 moves.
  • If a party is defeated by the Limited-Time Boss before it makes 10 moves, the defeated party will be deemed to have let the Limited-Time Boss make 10 moves.
  • After vanquishing the Limited-Time Boss, Deathmatch points will be awarded based on the number of turns, the amount of HP lost, and how well you survived the fight.
  • Divine Power Deathmatch has a leaderboard. Research the best strategy to get the highest possible score!

Reward Info:

  • Accumulate Deathmatch points to obtain rare rewards such as Gold, Dream Crystals, Divine Power Exchange Tokens, and Realm-Shattering Jade.
  • Divine Power Exchange Token can be exchanged in the Divine Power Deathmatch Store for rewards such as Realm-Shattering Jade and Legendary Gear Exchange Currency.

Other Explanations:
※ Our team will from time to time ban accounts that violate the regulations.
Players are asked to abide by the rules to maintain a positive gaming environment.

b. Fixes/Optimizations

  • Fixed Whitewater Blossom Cartilla Lv20 Transcend Material Requirement Set Incorrectly
    The original required material was: Bolster Seal x8 but was mistakenly set as: Bolster Badge x8.

※ (Affected players' material consumption will be compensated through in-game mailbox)
※ (This change has taken effect as of the 2023/11/07 update)


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