5/28 Update Preview

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Dear Immortals:
Rise of Eros will update at 11:00 (UTC+8) on May 28 (Tue). The servers will remain online during this update.
※ Once the update is complete, Immortals may restart the game and download the latest data.
※ Please remember to bind your account to prevent the loss of in-game data. If you have any queries, please contact us at ask-riseoferos@pinkcore.com.
※ Note: the browser version of the game will be down from 10:30 (UTC+8).

◆ Update Details ◆

a. Chapter 15 [The Coming Threat] Now Available

  • Ambushed
    The Lord of the Abyss has possessed Rouffe's body and slayed Chief Elder Katherine, tearing a rift between the Humans and the Vesprine. Eros steps in to keep Rouffe safe from the incoming onslaught of Vesprine soldiers...

2024/05/28 Post Update

Pass Chapter 14 of the main storyline

b. [Divine Power Deathmatch Season 17] Now Available

Event Time:
2024/5/28 11:00 ~ 2024/6/4 10:59 (UTC +8)

Clear Story Stage 2-10

How to Play:

  • Use [Deathmatch Ticket] to enter the Stage and challenge the Limited-Time Boss.
  • All difficulties are available at launch.
  • Before entering the results screen, redoing or abandoning the challenge will not consume any [Deathmatch Ticket].
  • Upon entering the arena, three parties must be formed. Each party must have at least one member.
  • Three [Deathmatch Ticket] will be replenished every day. No tickets will be replenished if the total number exceeds six.
  • The Limited-Time Boss will use completely different skill sets based on the amount of its HP. Attacking will require careful observation and knowledge.
  • If the HP of the Limited-Time Boss has not been reduced to 0 within 10 turns or the entire party is defeated, the second and third party will enter the arena to take on the challenge until the Limited-Time Boss has been vanquished, the three parties are defeated, or the battle takes more than 30 turns.
  • If a party is defeated by the Limited-Time Boss before reaching 10 turns, the defeated party will be deemed to have fought the Limited-Time Boss for 10 turns.
  • After vanquishing the Limited-Time Boss, Deathmatch points will be awarded based on the number of turns, the amount of HP lost, and the number of survivors.
  • Divine Power Deathmatch has a leaderboard. Research the best strategy to get the highest possible score!

Reward Info:

  • Accumulate Deathmatch points to obtain rare rewards such as Gold, Dream Crystals, Divine Power Exchange Tokens, and Realm-Shattering Jade.
  • Divine Power Exchange Tokens can be exchanged in the Divine Power Deathmatch Store for rewards such as Realm-Shattering Jade and Legendary Gear Exchange Currency.

Other Explanations:
※ Our team will from time to time ban accounts that violate the regulations. Players are asked to abide by the rules to maintain a positive gaming environment.

c. Bundles

  1. [Combat Breakthrough Bundle (15)] Bundle
  • Availability: 2024/05/28 Post Update
  • Contents: Bond Contract x20, Gold x500,000, Faith Elixir x15
  • Price: 1,799 Ecoins, 25.99 USD$, 2,859 Nutaku Gold
  • Requirements: Players will be able to purchase this bundle once after passing Story Stage 15-9 (Normal)
  1. [Chapter Completion Bundle (15)] Bundle
  • Availability: 2024/05/28 Post Update
  • Contents: Deity Contract x50, Gold x600,000, Mega Stamina Potion x20
  • Price: 2,350 Ecoins, 33.99 USD$, 3,739 Nutaku Gold
  • Requirements: Players will be able to purchase this bundle once after passing Story Stage 15-20 (Normal)

d. Optimizations/Adjustments

  • Optimized the bonus values of "Sera" and "Lynn" in the Boudoir to match the existing battle Persona strength. (This optimization was implemented in the 5/21 update.)
    ※ For detailed Boudoir bonus values, please check the Boudoir Persona page.

Steelhare Alana Auto Combat Logic Optimization

  • In auto combat, Steelhare Alana will consider whether allied Personas have "Flipped" when casting skills. If an ally has "Flipped", she will prioritize casting her Ultimate Skill. (This optimization was implemented in the 5/21 update.)

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