[Stimulant I], [Stimulant (Extreme)], and [Stimulant.Love] effects fixed

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[Stimulant I], [Stimulant (Extreme)], and [Stimulant.Love] effects fixed

Some enemies' self-applied buffs, including [Stimulant I], [Stimulant (Extreme)], and [Stimulant.Love] are currently being dispelled in the game by specific Persona skill effects.
If removed prematurely, it will prevent triggering damage based on maximum HP proportion, which is inconsistent with the team's expectation.
The correct situation should be: This buff cannot be removed.
The Stimulants' effects are [Increase the ATK. When attacked, decrease 1 stack. When the number of stacks reaches 0, deal damage to self equal to a certain amount of Max HP and dispel this buff].


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