12/23 Year-end Appreciation & Proposal Announcement

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Dear Immortals:

The New Year is nigh upon us, the Rise of Eros development team is extremely grateful for your continuing support, as well as your passionate suggestions and know-how.

A "2023 Thank You Letter" was sent to players’ in-game inbox with Bond Contract x10 attached to show our appreciation and wish you a wonderful end of the year!

  • Availability: Right now ~ 12/26 23:59 (UTC+8), please log into the game to claim within this period or it will lose validity.

RoE 2024 Preliminary Outlook

A plethora of new content was introduced to the game in 2023, including the Colosseum, Divine Power Deathmatch, Boudoir Accessory, and other fun systems that we’re overjoyed to see how well they were received by the fandom.

In this announcement, we share our hopes and plans for the first half of 2024, while also including info on the proposals put forth in the July, 2023 outlook report that are still pending.

Regarding expected updates announced in the RoE Outlook for 2023:

  • Colosseum "Special Arena” mode

    In this mode, you'll send your three strongest parties out to compete for victory in the best of three matches.
    In the past several months, many Immortals have asked for updates on the development of this mode, which has motivated us to handle every stage of its design with utmost care to meet expectations and provide the best possible gameplay experience. We are happy to say that development is in its final stage and is expected to officially launch at the beginning of 2024.

  • Story Review

    According to current plans, the Story Review system provides Immortals with a chance to revisit previous events’ plotlines at any time and discover story details previously overlooked.
    This system is still under development and is expected to launch during the first half of 2024.

  • Character Handbooks

    We'll be adding new information for the characters so Immortals can get to know their goddesses even more intimately, including their body measurements, birthdays, turn-ons, and more. Everything you've ever wanted to know will appear in these Character Handbooks! Increase your Intimacy levels to unlock hidden character stories and discover each goddess's background.
    Good news! This system is already in the final stage of internal testing, and after some final touches to certain details, it will officially launch.

Plans and ideas for the first half of 2024.

- New mode: Skybreak Tower “Forbidden Zone” (official name TBD)

Breaking through a certain number of Skybreak Tower levels will unlock the Forbidden Zone mode, which contains unique stage dynamics, such as boosts to your team or making the enemy even more of a hassle. Victory shall be yours if you can strategize appropriately!

- More ways to claim Legendary Gear

More methods to obtain Legendary Gear Exchange Currency will be available, so Immortals can more quickly acquire Legendary Gear in preparation for more challenging boss fights and new modes in future releases.

- Gear system optimizations

After the launch of Divine Power Deathmatch, we received many helpful suggestions on ways to switch and store character gear. Our team is currently discussing future optimizations according to your feedback.

- Handling suspicious accounts

Throughout previous game versions, we have persistently strengthened our system for dealing with illegal account activity. Aside from autodetection mechanisms capable of promptly handling suspicious accounts, we have personnel dedicated to investigating such cases. As of 10/11/2023, these investigations have led to the blocking of 108,941 accounts undertaking illegal activity.

Further improvements will be made to this system to provide a fairer gaming environment for all. As a reminder, the source of third-party transactions is never secure, which may easily lead to loss of your account and personal property or other risks. Immortals, please be advised to NOT purchase from or share your account info with others.

- New Goddess

In the first half of 2024, a new goddess will join RoE. If she piques your curiosity, please follow our official social media accounts and future main storyline releases!

- Social systems

Many Immortals have encouraged the addition of a “Friends” or “Guilds” system to improve in-game interactions. If you have any suggestions about this topic, please drop a message in our customer service email while our team continues discussions on how to adopt such improvements.

- More Boudoir Accessories

Seeing so much positive feedback about the Boudoir Accessory has truly encouraged us to add even more new accessories in the future. These new additions will help Immortals everywhere live their fantasies and kinks!

- More IP Collab Events ?

This year, we were honored to collaborate with renowned adult game TenkafuMA. During our joint event, we received a flood of messages from fellow Immortals inquiring when a similar event would take place. We’re happy to say we’re currently in talks to include other IP opportunities, while also looking into working other game franchises. We hope to bring you even more exciting collabs and any suggestions regarding such partnerships, feel free to contact us. We are always open to your input and include it in our future projects and optimizations.

Thank you so much for reading through our announcement. We’re working hard to provide you with fresh and engaging content in the new year, so we can all bask in this journey of love and sex!

Rise of Eros Team


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