Rise of Eros "Rhapsody from beyond" & " new systems " Survey

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Dear Immortals,

To better understand your thoughts and feelings about "Rhapsody from beyond"&"Divine Power Deathmatch" &"Legendary Gear"&"Boudoir Accessory system", we'd be grateful if you could fill out this survey! Please ensure all information you enter is as accurate as possible.

Each and every Immortal's feedback is incredibly important to us, and with your help we hope to make Rise of Eros the best it can be.

Plus, by filling out this survey, you can get your hands on rewards prepared by your humble messenger!

[Availability] Until 23:59 (UTC+8) on November 28

[Details] Fill out the survey to receive the rewards stated below.

[Rewards] Dream Crystal x300

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[Please Note]

  1. All rewards will be sent out within a week after the survey has closed. Please enter your UID correctly to ensure you receive your rewards.
  2. If multiple surveys are submitted, only the latest one will be considered eligible.

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