Announcement Regarding Adjustments to Persona Combat Stats and Awaken Stat Bonuses

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Dear Immortals,

Starting with the two new Personas [Steelhare Alana] and [Wondersuit Phoenix] being released on 2023/04/06, we will be making adjustments to newly released Personas' combat stats and Awaken stat bonuses.
Adjustments will include increasing Persona combat stats, reducing the combat stat bonus given by Awakening Personas, and rebalancing the combat stat bonuses given at each Star Level when Awakening Personas.The details and reasons for these adjustments are as follows:

a. Increasing Persona Combat Stats

  • Persona combat stats will be increased by 30% for all levels

After the adjustment, new Personas at 0 Stars will possess combat stats equivalent to those of old Personas at 2 Stars.This adjustment will give players more opportunities to deploy new Personas as soon as they are acquired, instead of being unable to use them because their Star Levels are too low.

b. Reducing Combat Stat Bonuses from Awakening Personas

  • The total combat stat bonus given by Awakening a Persona to its max Star Level will be reduced by 30%.

We hope to ensure that when new Personas are raised to their maximum Star Levels, the discrepancy in stats with previously released Personas will be minimal. For this reason, we will be reducing the combat stat bonus given when Awakening Personas.

c. Rebalancing Combat Stat Bonuses Given at Each Star Level when Awakening

  • Under the previous model, combat stat bonuses when reaching Star Levels 1 to 6 were set at 10%/20%/10%/20%/10%/30%.*
  • Under the new model, combat stat bonuses when reaching Star Levels 1 to 6 will be set at 30%/20%/15%/15%/10%/10%.

We hope that new-model Personas will give high returns upon their first few increases in Star Level, and so combat stat bonuses have been set relatively high at Star Levels 1 and 2.

d. Remarks
We hope that the three adjustments detailed above will ensure that when you pull new Personas, you will be able to use them with immediate effect, and will not have to leave them in your Inventory on account of their Star Levels being too low. Raising Persona Star Levels will also become more effective.

We plan to strengthen the stats and skills of already released Personas in future updates. In addition, a new feature allowing you to preview Personas' stats and skill effects at Star Levels 1 to 6 will be implemented on the Summon page.

Please contact with any suggestions regarding these adjustments or comments about the game.

Rise of Eros team


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