《Rise of Eros》 Now Online !

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We'll be celebrating with a whole series of launch events, please see below for details.

Pre-Registration Target Reached

※We've reached 100,000 pre-registrations, thank you for your support!
The messenger's on his way with gifts for our Immortals!

  • Deity Contract x10
  • Dream Crystal x800
  • Gold x15000
  • Faith Tonic x10
  • Bewitch Incense x5
  • Deity Insignia x1

Newbie Care Package Login Event

※Event Duration
2022/09/13 11:00:00 ~ 2022/12/31 10:59:59 (UTC +8)
※Log in every day for bountiful rewards!

  • Day1 Gold x15000
  • Day2 Deity Contract x2
  • Day3 Dream Crystal x100
  • Day4 Energy Potion x5
  • Day5 Rush Token x10
  • Day7 Deity Contract x10

Launch Celebration Login Event

※Event Duration
2022/09/13 11:00:00 ~ 2022/10/25 10:59:59 (UTC +8)
※Log in during this event and earn up to 2,100 Dream Crystals!
Claim 150 Dream Crystals every day, up to a total of 14 days!


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