Rise of Eros, a Mythological Adventure in Realistic 3D: An Unimaginably Gorgeous Visual Feast

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Pinkcore announces Rise of Eros, a brand-new 3D mobile game created by The Shadow Studio, and reveals its narrative world and debut characters for the first time today (11th). The game presents scenes and characters drawn from mythological sagas in an exquisite, realistic manner with a AAA-tier art style to deliver a visual feast of next-gen mobile gaming.
Rise of Eros tells the story of how the deities Eros and Aphrodite were created at the dawn of the world from life’s most originary desires. As civilization developed, however, the different drives and desires grew with each passing day, leading to the birth of more and more deities and planting the seeds of future conflicts. The battles over desire evolved into a civil war among the gods, and though Eros was able to defeat the other deities, he was sealed away inside an ancient Relic by a bewitched Aphrodite.
Several millennia later, all traces of the deities have been lost, and the world has entered an age of godlessness. Three races now dominate the earth—the Humans, the Yoh, and the Pixies. Inase, a Human scholar of ancient civilizations, is searching for a way to bring her boyfriend Hunter back to life, and accidentally releases Eros from his thousand years of slumber within the Relic in the process. The woman and the god join forces, the one to recover the man she loves, the other to reclaim his powers from the remaining Relics, and start their journey together…

Introducing New Characters


An intelligent but repressed Human with a jealous streak. Her undying desire for her deceased boyfriend Hunter leads her to break Eros’ seal, and Eros to adopt Hunter’s bodily appearance.


A popular Vesprine songstress with a cheerful and grounded personality. Though she could get on with just about anybody, she feels hemmed in and constricted by her fame.

The developers have revealed that Rise of Eros will use a minimalist, turn-based combat system. By combining various skills and gear, players will enjoy battle after battle of exciting combat in a casual and intuitive gameplay experience. At the same time, they’ll be able to feel each character’s charm in full and unbroken 360-degree angles, allowing for an unprecedentedly realistic atmosphere. Fans of Western-style, realistic art and design cannot miss out on this.


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